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Video: Halo as performed by Swedish ballet dancers

The Royal Swedish Ballet practices an intepretation of the videogame Halo.

[Halo Concert]

Also: Kotaku has a very nice video that I could not find in an easily embeddable format.

Musical notes doing it to one another: A story in pictures

If musical notes doing it isn’t acceptable in your office, then this is NSFW. [MeFi]

Video: You can never hear a sea organ too many times

The Sea Organ of Zadar, Croatia – waves go in, music comes out. [Unusual Instruments’ Music Videos]

Video: An old phonograph playing

You may find it extremely SOOTHING or you may find it totally boring.

The good news: Contains weird, disappearing time-lapse FX. And flowers.

The 3 most mildly amusing headlines in my feed reader

*Why Tegan & Sara May Be One of the Most Important Acts in the Past 30 Years [Vicarious Music]


*Utterz is a Convenient Mobile Blogging Platform [Mashable] Utterz? Hello, Name Inspector?

**UPDATE**: The Name Inspector has weighed in.

Video: Fact Checkers Unit with Bill Murray

Not about music, but this is amusing vis-a-vis my 9-to-5.

Includes Wikipedia hating, paper eating and witty fact-checking banter. Also, it has Bill Murray.

Video: Get your lemon party started

If you don’t get this, you’re lucky. [Triumph of Bullshit]

Links for 9.18.07: Radiohead mp3s, Bono sucks, hot record sleeves + more

*Radiohead’s selling their albums in Mp3 format, but not through iTunes. Albums available at 7digital. [Listening Post] There’s still little clear data on how DRM-free is playing out for labels.

*Bono makes Radar’s Overrated Hall of Fame. YES.

*Create promote and sell (via widget!) your own digital mixtapes with Mixaloo. [Mashable]

*Check out these gorgeous record sleeves. Please. [Josh Spear]

*Demand-based pricing comes to ringtones, courtesy of Amie Street. [Listening Post]

*Ten Things That Probably Stressed Out Meg White [Stereogum]

*Willie Nelson is going to start writing songs for Jessica Simpson. [MusicFilter]

*You don’t have to pay to read Maureen Dowd anymore. Well, not money at least.