Links for 9.18.07: Radiohead mp3s, Bono sucks, hot record sleeves + more

by Josh Kimball

*Radiohead’s selling their albums in Mp3 format, but not through iTunes. Albums available at 7digital. [Listening Post] There’s still little clear data on how DRM-free is playing out for labels.

*Bono makes Radar’s Overrated Hall of Fame. YES.

*Create promote and sell (via widget!) your own digital mixtapes with Mixaloo. [Mashable]

*Check out these gorgeous record sleeves. Please. [Josh Spear]

*Demand-based pricing comes to ringtones, courtesy of Amie Street. [Listening Post]

*Ten Things That Probably Stressed Out Meg White [Stereogum]

*Willie Nelson is going to start writing songs for Jessica Simpson. [MusicFilter]

*You don’t have to pay to read Maureen Dowd anymore. Well, not money at least.