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AVOID: An irregular anti-recommendation service from the listenerd

While we here at the listenerd have an unhealthy fascination with the now seemingly ubiquitous recommendation engines of digital media, it is our (and by that I mean my) practice to, on an irregular basis, offer the occasional anti-recommendation.

Today’s anti-recommendation has nothing to do with music or digital media of any type, and is in fact making me ill as I type these very words. It is BLACK MEAD, an ages-old alcoholic drink made with black currants. The particular brand of black mead in question comes from a small winery in northern Wisconsin, and tastes like a combination of metal, boogers and mushrooms (gnaw on that, Dara).

A little further context:
1) I love drinking, and will imbibe nearly anything that doesn’t taste like boogers.
2) Mead was invented nearly 3,000 years ago.
3) I have no financial stake in this anti-recommendation.

Again: AVOID BLACK MEAD. Under any circumstances. At all costs. Thank you.

Notes on the Juno soundtrack

If you’re feeling execrable. I mean local. Well, “local.”

Outstanding movie/music blog The Playlist offers up a goldmine of info on the soundtrack for the Diablo Cody flick Juno, which stars, of course, Michael Cera.

Acts assembled for your listening pleasure include Cat Power, Belle and Sebastian (note this post’s killer lede), Sonic Youth, The Velvet Underground and etc. Also: Moldy Peaches.

To go to: Kimya Dawson’s livejournal and Diablo Cody’s blog [NSFW].

Audio: song from Star Wars: The Musical

From Halo: The Ballet to Star Wars: The Musical.

CHANTY. Scary nerdiness, indeed.

Here is the audio file for “Mourning Ben” for your listening pleasure. [Metafilter]

Video: The Go! Team documentary

It’s 15 minutes and in 3 parts. Lots of knee socks and jumping.

Parts 2 and 3 to come, Part 1 here:

[Sub Pop via Getty Images]

Links for 9.19.07: Mozart sucks, Slash hates reality TV, SX deals + more

*SoundExchange inks a deal with some small webcasters – but the small internet radio stations would still have to pay a higher royalty rate on artists who aren’t SoundExchange-affiliated. More (and more coherent) commentary at Listening Post.

*Notes on the Future of Music Policy Summit from the WaPo. [Coolfer]

*The A.V. Club interviews Slash. The modest guitarist on reality television: “It has just turned into the lowest form of entertainment. It has become the kind of medium where it’s taken the human condition and exposed it to the point where there’s actually no personality left. It’s just all so commonplace now, and there’s no privacy and no mystique to anything.” [A.V. Club]

*R. Kelly says he can’t explain Trapped in the Closet, calling the project “my alien.” [Rolling Stone via MeFi]

*First Baby Einstein goes out the window, now classical music, too. A recent study says that there’s “no compelling evidence” that listening to classical music will amp kids’ cognitive development. Unless it’s Mozart’s “Leck mich im Arsch.” [Mental Floss via Grooveshark]

*The execrable local: City Pages’ local music issue, Picked to Click, is out. I haven’t read City Pages in probably a year, but I link out of sympathy.

*Hip-hop pop-ups: A brilliant site that plays hip-hop tunes and produces pop-up ads of brands mentioned as they are invoked. [Fimoculous]

*Behold: The iPod Nano embedded in a cassette tape. But has anyone yet embedded a shuffle into a first-gen iPod brick? Hello? [Crave]