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Video: Darth Vader plays blues harmonica

More original content from College Humor. It’s good, especially in that it’s short.

Video: Casino dialogue dubbed to Bert and Ernie

A Joe Pesci and Robert DeNiro Casino scene dubbed and cut for Bert and Ernie. NSFW language! Wohoo!


Video: The Go! Team documentary (11 minutes)

Video: A fairly bad-ass gun made out of Legos

[Josh Spear]

Links for 9.20.07: Fergie’s earwear, the new DRM, black mead +

*Slacker finalizes licensing agreements with EMI, Warner, Universal. [Digital Music News]

*Hype Machine asks its users how they discover music. The results here (spoiler: still editorial!). [hypebot] Related: Mashable’s 50 links for discovering music.

*Remember that idea about scraping legit content (like youtube vids…well, some YouTube music videos) in order to to get around licensing hassles? FIQL’s doing it now, too. (Is that pronounced “fecal?”)

Says TechCrunch: “They figured out a brilliant, if somewhat obvious, end-around to copyright laws that restrict them from playing music outright: music videos hosted on third party video sites like YouTube.”

*eMusic Remote helps users manage tracks. Good enough, but I’ve said it before: Ownership is the new DRM. Managing and storing files sucks.

*Gadget watch: Fergie’s wearing a new Bluetooth headset in her “Big Girl’s Don’t Cry” video. Heh. [Geek Sugar]

*Yeah, Chris Crocker signed a TV deal. Seth Green has to be pissed.

*Reminder: Don’t drink black mead if you have any choice in the matter.