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Breaking and local: The Twin Cities hit “critical coolness”

Yes: Critical coolness (excerpted from the recent Minnesota Monthly article but VETTED by a 23-year-old reporter for the Wall Street Journal).

The key criterion seems to be available jobs at Target. But still.

Video: Robots cover Gnarls Barkley tune

Yes, it was on Boing Boing. But it is still robots playng musical instruments. To be precise, it is the thereminbot and the thumpbot playing “Crazy.”

Outgoing links for 9.21.07: youtube starlets, warped vinyl, dirty old recordings +

*Missed this from earlier in the summer: The New York Times wrote about a found phonograph recording from the 1890s that contains all kinds of smutty, vulgar, obscene content. COOL.

Check out “Actionable Offenses: Indecent Phonograph Recordings from the 1890s,” which includes audio samples of 100+-year-old filth! (Tracks include: The Whores Union and and The Lady’s Friend.)

*The Air Guitar t-shirt from Busted Tees. [notes]

*Also: Kick-ass video game guitars. [Kotaku]

* calls out the Top 5 YouTube Starlets: Marie Digby, Mia Rose, Esmee Denters, Terra Naomi, Ysabella Brave. Lots of video (most of it meh, but can millions of views be wrong?).

*What does Amy Winehouse require for each concert she plays? The Smoking Gun has the answers. (One requirement: sober roadies.)

*The Record Flattener: The machine to fix your warped vinyl. [Crave]

Video: A phonograph playing!

An incredibly SOOTHING video of a phonograph playing.

This one, however DOES NOT EVEN SPIN A RECORD. So I guess it could be more soothing.

Video: the human flip book ad

An Erbert and Gerbert’s ad, made by Colle+McEvoy. I remember when one of the dudes from Atmosphere used to work at Erbert and Gerbert’s. Great times.
[The Deets]

Words that go nowhere: black mead edition

*Around here there is never a FTW. Not even once in awhile.
*Avoid black mead. Whatever the costs. No matter the price. (I know I’m repeating myself, but please trust me).
*The three rules for conference call participation: clarity, levity, brevity.


Video: Pandora dips into video podcasts

…and it kind of sucks! The premise is that they go behind the scenes at real-live tour venues – the first one being the California’s Canyon Club.

Checking out venues without the noise and people is cool, but:
1) the podcast has a dumb pre-roll ad by Visa
2) The video’s not embeddable, as far as I can see.
And that’s a particularly maddening combination of complaints! What’s the point of having a pre-roll ad (that stays with the video wherever it goes) if you aren’t going to set the damn thing free?Bad web practices make for a dumb waste of decent content.

Video: Soundwagon mini abductor van is a tiny record player


Links for 9.21.07: Fan club cheaters, rap tv, the future of an industry +

*From the Future of Music Policy Summit, Ars Technica reports that licensing music is a pain in the ass.

*Stereogum has launched mp3 page.

*Even though I hate the Freakonomics blog, I’m linking to them (cuz I’m the bigger man?): Read their post on the future of the music industry. Lots of interesting comments.

*The WSJ reports on a concert tix controversy: Fan club members (who get special ticket treatment) are (and have long been) selling codes that allow buyers to get tickets early to non-members via eBay.

*DMC posts his commentary on MTV’s epic Celebrity Rap Superstar battle: “Sebastian [Bach] is good, he is Hip Hop!” The state of the genre.

*Timbaland will be making a guest appearance on One Life to Live. I guess hip-hop is doing alright after all.

*The local. Doomdrips: A poster series with its own blog.

*Widgets: Gruvr is another site (now with a widget!) that maps upcoming concerts in your area. Effing widgets. [Mashable]