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Screens’ Virginia Heffernan meets YouTube god Funtwo

Virginia Heffernan of the NY Times blog Screens meets Funtwo, the guitarist behind Canon Rock, YouTube’s 5th most watched video of all time.

Next up, Tay Zonday?

Video: Retro music tech from Japan

From TV in Japan comes this video of a 1970s Toshiba television with a BUILT IN cassette player (for recording karaoke). YES.

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Links for 9.22.07: Google’s soc-net, God’s mp3 player +

*The Web according to TechCrunch: Google to launch social network on November 5?

It seemed odd that on the first day I signed up for Google’s Shared Stuff mini-app I swear there was an option to “See Friends’ Stuff” (which I can’t seem to find anymore).

*The 10 Richest People in Radio, as scraped of the Forbes 400 list. [via Grooveshark]

*Mental Floss’ 23 Album Covers That Changed Everything. What, no Sugar Ray? [via Largehearted Boy]

*DRM violates Canadian copyright law. (Thank God for copyright law?) [Yahoo! via hypebot]

*Bob Dylan now has a Facebook widget. This is the state of our world. [via Mashable]

*Another Crucifix-inspired mp3 player. [via Geek Sugar]