Links for 9.23.07: p2p hate, rad Cuban posters, Janet Reno, manbags +

by Josh Kimball

*The Pirate Bay is bringing charges against a number of Hollywood companies that employed hackers and spammers to try to bring them down. [Threat Level]

*AirDrives earphones are designed to let you hear what’s going on around you. I have long wanted a pair of sound-boosting headphones that would amp my hearing for better surreptitious snooping of others’ conversations at the office. [Popgadget]

*Germany is banning the copying of CDs. [Variety via Future of Music Coalition]

*New words for the upcoming edition of the Oxford English Dictionary: Amy Winehouse, manbag and carbon neutral. [Independent via Medialoper]

*Also via Medialoper: eMusic interviews JANET RENO.

*What do the hipster parenting blog Babble and the band Fountains of Wayne have to talk about? Stacy’s Mom, of course.

*EVERYONE: Cuban Posters. I especially like this one. From the blogger behind the Soviet poster blog AND this unusual musical instrument site.