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Video: Bob Dylan and Jack White duet

The video is terrible, but here’s footage of Jack White and Bob Dylan performing “One More Cup of Coffee” last Thursday in Nashville.

Video: a phonograph playing

An old phonograph SOOTHINGLY spinning. This is what YouTube was made for, people.

(Seriously, the visual aspects of retro music technology are not to be dismissed! Our current distance from the mechanisms of music making are not all bad, but it’s important to remind oneself – especially if you spend hours with the earbuds in, sitting in front of a computer – that much more tangible physical acts used to be NECESSARY to experience music.)

Video: Trailer for Michel Gondry’s Be Kind Rewind

This trailer popped up last month, but I just got around to seeing it. MOS DEF stars (and, I suppose, so does Jack Black). Derivative isn’t such a dirty word? [Laughing Squid]

Non-scandalous non-news of the day: Meg White, Hannah Montana

*That’s not Meg White.
*Hannah Montana is not pregnant.
*However, Justin Timberlake WAS hungover.
*Confirmed: a huge cow.
*That is all for now.

Videos: Soulja Boy Pooh, SpongeBob, Barney, Family Guy

The New York Times covers the Soulja Boy cartoon meme.

and SpongeBob, too.

Links for 9.24.07: Starbucks freebies, Meg White’s anxiety, music’s middle class…

*Starbucks will be giving away 50 million free songs at its coffeeshops through iTunes from October 2 to November 7. Dave Matthews Band, John Mayer, Paul McCartney and Band of Horses.

Wow, Starbucks takes its rightful place beside Wal-mart in the Bridwell-approved pantheon. [Yahoo News]

*Ars Technica on the emerging, digital media-enabled possibilities of a musicians’ middle class.

*The BBC has a long piece on digital tunes that mostly covers subscription-model possibilities of selling music. [via mediaeater]

*Yes, this is the kind of thing that would cause “acute anxiety” enough to cancel one’s tour: Meg White has a sex tape? (Not linking to it! Who even knows if it’s real?) Saw that this was the 2nd most-searched term on Google Hot Trends for the 5am hour this morning (right after Family Guy Star Wars).

*Virgin has shut down its digital music store. [RegHardware via Daily Swarm]

*Ad Age crowns Dancing with the Stars. as the next American Idol. Multigenerational, predictable. Boring.

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