Links for 9.27.07: Spector’s free pass, Apple’s free pass + Hotel Chev

by Josh Kimball

*The Hair walks: A mistrial for Phil Spector.

*Mathew Ingram (who is always remarkably clear-headed about the frothing Web 2.0 news of the day) asks why Apple gets a free ride despite laying the smack down on some who was hacking his Touch. (Admission: 30% of the motivation for this item was the chance to write: “Hacking his touch.”) Also, the threats of bricking!

*Imeem has signed a deal with BMG to revenue share in exchange for the right to stream their tunes. [Forbes via Mashable]

*Twiddeo = twitter + video. In my opinion, if they want to do this right clips should be limited to 3 seconds. It goes live later this week. [Mashable]

*Read: interviews with Iron & Wine and The Arcade Fire.

*Project Playlist raises $3M in funding. Another search/discovery service that uses music “available on the web.” [paidcontent]

*Wes Anderson’s Hotel Chevalier: 10 minutes up on YouTube? For now. (Looks like only 98 people have viewed it as of this posting…)