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Vintage video: Saved by the Bell’s “Jesse’s Song”

This video was featured on Fark recently with the headline “The single greatest moment in the history of televised media.”

That might be hype, but the song is burned into my brain.

Unlikely covers: Jackie Chan and Ani DiFranco sing “Unforgettable”

Embedded audio clips give you a taste of the magic (listening to “Unforgettale” is highly recommended!) on the When Pigs Fly CD, a compilation of unlikely covers which also includes The Oak Ridge Boys singing “Carry On My Wayward Son.” [notes]

Video: I’m Not There – a 6:50 clip

For a while! From Italian TV.

[The Playlist] scrapes YouTube music vids for users is another social music site that scrapes music from videos available on social sites – the channel can be set to that of any user (you can also include videos from friends and neighbors). My channel at is at user name: Ed_x. (Now a tad buggy, and may take a while to load, but it eventually worked for me!)

Video: On clapping; an explanation of applause

What is applause? What is not applause? A short YouTube primer from Discovery – with subtitles. [via fresh creation]

Links for 9.28.07: Radiohead hints, mp3 zits, angry bananas +

*The MP3-playing zit-zapper: for kids who outgrow their MP3-playing toothbrushes. [BB]

*Martin Scorsese will also be directing a George Harrison documentary now, says Variety. He’s previously done Dylan and the Stones. Perhaps he should also consider doing the upcoming Biggie biopic? [via Daily Swarm]

*The Laboratorium is also enamored of the term “brick.” They call it “verbing done right.” So right.

*The oft-updated Wikipedia entry is keeping superfans up to date on the latest Radiohead clues, hints, rumors, and speculation. [UPDATE: The Radiohead hinty stuff was totally fake!]

*The headline isn’t quite as good as the classic “CNET Interviewer Assaulted by Flying Wang,” but “Bananas and Triangles Protest IBM in Second Life” is not bad at all.

*This one’s for you, Eyeteeth: a crochet skull. [Wonderland]