Links for 9.28.07: Radiohead hints, mp3 zits, angry bananas +

by Josh Kimball

*The MP3-playing zit-zapper: for kids who outgrow their MP3-playing toothbrushes. [BB]

*Martin Scorsese will also be directing a George Harrison documentary now, says Variety. He’s previously done Dylan and the Stones. Perhaps he should also consider doing the upcoming Biggie biopic? [via Daily Swarm]

*The Laboratorium is also enamored of the term “brick.” They call it “verbing done right.” So right.

*The oft-updated Wikipedia entry is keeping superfans up to date on the latest Radiohead clues, hints, rumors, and speculation. [UPDATE: The Radiohead hinty stuff was totally fake!]

*The headline isn’t quite as good as the classic “CNET Interviewer Assaulted by Flying Wang,” but “Bananas and Triangles Protest IBM in Second Life” is not bad at all.

*This one’s for you, Eyeteeth: a crochet skull. [Wonderland]