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User-generated endeavors that aren’t: Billboard’s Music Maven

What is this steaming pile of Billboard BS?


Music hunting on the Vicipaedia Latina (Latin Wikipedia)

The Wall Street Journal writes up the Vicipaedia Latina – the Latin version of Wikipedia – calling it a labor of love for “weekend philologists” who often have to linguistically improvise in order to keep with the times. (I love weekend philology!)

Here’s the Latin entry for the Beatles. And here is the entry for rock music, or musica rockica. Lastly, Apple Computatra (but there’s no iPod entry!).

Video: Jugglers perform Steve Reich’s “Clapping Music”

Repetitive. But mesmerizing.

Video: TED talk on how to listen to music with your whole body

A presentation by deaf percussionist Evelyn Glennie (it’s long!).

Video: Totally trip-adelic gramophone!

If this doesn’t bend your mind, you have problems. (Not even kidding!) I recommend listening with the sound ON.

Links for 9.29.07: ads, tweets, covers, guns + elmos

*A couple takes on SpiralFrog and the ad-supported music model in general from GigaOm and Ingram.

*Kotaku has video of what it’s like to customize characters in the much-anticipated Rock Band.

*Guerrilla musicals: capturing videos of people slipping into public places in New York, then breaking into song. Worst nightmare.

*The WSJ on blogs that cover cover songs.

*LaserSabers turn lasers into sabers. Also available? The Tunnel Gun II. [Shiny Shiny]

*If you haven’t seen the ElmoSapien yet, I would recommend drinking some black mead before watching this. [RobotsRule via Engadget]

*Mashable’s 60 tools for Twittering. Plus, now you can follow your favorite subjects – such as BLACK MEAD – thanks to new twit functionality.