Links for 9.29.07: ads, tweets, covers, guns + elmos

by Josh Kimball

*A couple takes on SpiralFrog and the ad-supported music model in general from GigaOm and Ingram.

*Kotaku has video of what it’s like to customize characters in the much-anticipated Rock Band.

*Guerrilla musicals: capturing videos of people slipping into public places in New York, then breaking into song. Worst nightmare.

*The WSJ on blogs that cover cover songs.

*LaserSabers turn lasers into sabers. Also available? The Tunnel Gun II. [Shiny Shiny]

*If you haven’t seen the ElmoSapien yet, I would recommend drinking some black mead before watching this. [RobotsRule via Engadget]

*Mashable’s 60 tools for Twittering. Plus, now you can follow your favorite subjects – such as BLACK MEAD – thanks to new twit functionality.