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Month: September, 2007 scrapes YouTube music vids for users is another social music site that scrapes music from videos available on social sites – the channel can be set to that of any user (you can also include videos from friends and neighbors). My channel at is at user name: Ed_x. (Now a tad buggy, and may take a while to load, but it eventually worked for me!)

Video: On clapping; an explanation of applause

What is applause? What is not applause? A short YouTube primer from Discovery – with subtitles. [via fresh creation]

Links for 9.28.07: Radiohead hints, mp3 zits, angry bananas +

*The MP3-playing zit-zapper: for kids who outgrow their MP3-playing toothbrushes. [BB]

*Martin Scorsese will also be directing a George Harrison documentary now, says Variety. He’s previously done Dylan and the Stones. Perhaps he should also consider doing the upcoming Biggie biopic? [via Daily Swarm]

*The Laboratorium is also enamored of the term “brick.” They call it “verbing done right.” So right.

*The oft-updated Wikipedia entry is keeping superfans up to date on the latest Radiohead clues, hints, rumors, and speculation. [UPDATE: The Radiohead hinty stuff was totally fake!]

*The headline isn’t quite as good as the classic “CNET Interviewer Assaulted by Flying Wang,” but “Bananas and Triangles Protest IBM in Second Life” is not bad at all.

*This one’s for you, Eyeteeth: a crochet skull. [Wonderland]

BET’s Soulja Boy “Crank Dat” dance off

Remember when I said I wouldn’t be talking about that whole YouTube Soulja Boy thing anymore? Can we forget about that for a minute?

BET is holding a Soulja Boy dance-off. Please see rules and upload your video here (by October 17). And don’t forget to share your Soulja Boy cranking with the Listenerd. Thank you.

Video: Bonnie “Prince” Billy’s “Can’t Take That Away”

I posted about Engine Room Recordings’ Guilt By Association project – wherein indie kids with cred record the songs that are their guilty pleasures – several weeks ago. Just ran across this video by one Will Oldham, or Bonnie “Prince” Billy, in which he performs “Can’t Take That Away from Me,” a tune popularized by Ms. Mariah Carey.

Video: Mount Rushmore singing The Teddy Bears Picnic

If you would like to see Jefferson, Lincoln, Roosevelt and Washington playfully singing, check this out.

Have seen a lot of musical age mash-ups lately (Bert & Ernie’s Casino, Low doing Yo Gabba Gabba, etc.). At the day job, we’d call this the intersection of Mash Creativity and Agequaking. But we’re weird like that. [Neatorama]

Links for 9.27.07: Spector’s free pass, Apple’s free pass + Hotel Chev

*The Hair walks: A mistrial for Phil Spector.

*Mathew Ingram (who is always remarkably clear-headed about the frothing Web 2.0 news of the day) asks why Apple gets a free ride despite laying the smack down on some who was hacking his Touch. (Admission: 30% of the motivation for this item was the chance to write: “Hacking his touch.”) Also, the threats of bricking!

*Imeem has signed a deal with BMG to revenue share in exchange for the right to stream their tunes. [Forbes via Mashable]

*Twiddeo = twitter + video. In my opinion, if they want to do this right clips should be limited to 3 seconds. It goes live later this week. [Mashable]

*Read: interviews with Iron & Wine and The Arcade Fire.

*Project Playlist raises $3M in funding. Another search/discovery service that uses music “available on the web.” [paidcontent]

*Wes Anderson’s Hotel Chevalier: 10 minutes up on YouTube? For now. (Looks like only 98 people have viewed it as of this posting…)

Words that go nowhere: Meg White, Apple + NYTimes

*Two terms I’ve come to love this week:
-“Bricking” used as a verb to describe what Apple has threatened to do to hacked iPhones by updating their firmware. Example: “Upcoming firmware update will brick unlocked iPhones.”
-“Wank mining,” also a verb, used to describe hunting for pornographic materials. Apparently this was the endeavor a man by the name “itsmecraig” was engaged in when he discovered the fake Meg White tape. Example: “I was just engaged in some innocent wank mining when all of the sudden…”

*Product: Need a disposable Digg that’s focused on recommending items from the New York Times archive. Maybe for the next two months or so?

Vintage video: a player piano playing

It’s almost like a ghost is playing it. One of the see-through kinds.

Video: playing music on the Thummer

The synthesizery thing I posted about earlier today – The Thummer – in action.

Video + local: Tay Zonday visits YouTube headquarters

…and vlogs the trip.

“Are you Tay Zonday from the internet?”

[inside online video]

Video: The last Soulja boy post – Crank That dance instructions

Instructions on how to Crank That, Soulja Boy.

This concludes our Soulja Boy coverage. Forever.

Video: Swiss firefighter rap -118 Projec’t

A video meant to publicize the fire department’s phone number. In French, and better than you’d imagine.

[watching tv online]

Links for 9.26.07: Halo 3, more Amazon + how your brain eats music

*Perhaps you have heard of this Halo 3 creation?

*More Daring Fireball analysis of Amazon MP3 Store here. At the end he asks how eMusic has lasted as long as it has without offering prospective customers the ability to browse its catalog. Answer: they were pretty much the only one’s selling MP3’s!

*Oliver Sacks in Wired on music and the brain.

*The New York Times on the hip-hop hearings.

*Are you ready for the Brokeback Mountain opera? [guardian]

*The BBC on optimizing music for play on iPods. [largehearted boy]

*What happens when you combine a music synthesizer and a videogame joystick? The Thummer. [red ferret]

*The BBC hires former Kazaa CTO Anthony Rose to help develop the next iteration of its iPlayer.

*Kelly from The Office reviews the Arcade Fire and LCD Soundsystem. [guardian]