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Video: A phonograph spinning, a French chick singing

French, for your pleasure. I recommend listening with the sound ON due to the incredible soothingness of the entire multimedia presentation.

Video: Behind the scenes on The Darjeeling Limited

If you have ever wanted to see Owen Wilson with a bandage on his head, inserting a lime in his shoe, I recommend these behind-the-scenes videos from The Darjeeling Limited.

The limping, the head wound – times were so much better back then…
[Pop Candy]

Video: Sam Beam playing in an Amsterdam hotel

Whoa! Now that is a serious beard! (Or two!)

In August 2007, Iron & Wine’s Sam Beam sang to his reflection in Amsterdam’s Vondel Hotel elevator. And some dude (apparently from 3VOOR12) recorded it. And it was pretty cool.

And yes, the first song is kind of a killer.

Now blogging: Kanye West

Reparts Rolling Stone. The blog part of Mr. West’s site is here, and he appears to be enamored by the attention of Perez Hilton and TMZ.

He seems to like sneakers and hip-hop videos, but also helpfully links to YouTube’s famous Grape Lady. [via Getty Images]

Links for 10.1.07: Radiohead’s rainbows, Bono’s spice, Starbucks coffee +

*So: Radiohead. In just over a week they’ll be releasing a new album, In Rainbows, and telling fans to pay whatever they want for it. The announcement’s on their site. Here’s Peefork on the matter.

*The Bevy: a ipod shuffle-cum-bottle opener. [Red Ferret]

*Interactive: Try the BBC’s Electric Proms.

*The New York Times writes about the iPhone, Starbucks and Songs of Instant Gratification, the ability to seamlessly download songs, and have charges appear on your (lengthy) phone bill.

*The much hated Bono is writing a song for the Spice Girls? [via XRRF]