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Video: Dylan meets Dr. Seuss

Fake Dylan sings “Green Eggs and Ham” – very well! RECOMMENDED. From the now defunct site,


Now blogging (more): Sasha Frere-Jones

New Yorker music critic Sashas Frere-Jones now has a New Yorker blog, in addition to his own bloggy site. He talks about Santo Gold first, but has yet to issue a blog challenge to fellow blogger KANYE WEST.

Video: Oasis’ Lord Don’t Slow Me Down

Video: There’s Only One Sun short film

As previously mentioned, this is an 8-minute movie by Wong Kar Wai, made for a Philips campaign. Embedded for your clicking pleasure.

Links for 10.2.07: Enuz returns, long commercials + Deadwood dies

*The Zune 2 is supposed to launch today. See also: Enuz.

*The free iTunes giveaway (50 million free downloads) starts today at all U.S. Starbucks.

*Peefork interviews Daft Punk. Bottom line: They will not be using doubles for stage shows (a la MF Doom) any time soon.

*Check out Mashable’s round-up of 40+ non-iTunes media players.

*Hypebot organizes the DRM-free music sellers into the good and bad camps.

*When it comes to the music industry, everyone in the world is extremely smart and tuned in and the industry is so dumb. So tell MediaShift how you think bands should make money.

*Who would like to watch an 8-minute commercial for the Philips Aurea? It’s directed by Wong Kar Wai! Anyone? Oh. It’s also a short film called There’s Only One Sun. It has subtitles. Does that seal the deal? Here’s the movie on YouTube, without the ambilight trippiness. [fresh creation]

*The Deadwood follow-up movies: Dead. [Cinematical via Pop Candy]