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Video: The Shins play music in what appears to be a small, sheetrocked room

Another one from Amsterdamians 3VOOR12; The Shins here appear to be playing in a sheetrocked room. Perhaps a closet. I’m not saying that it will change your life, but I AM recommending it.

Video: Stephin Merritt Volvo commercial really is Stephin Merritt

I have been convincing myself that it was not Stephin Merritt singing in that Volvo commercial for several months. WRONG. Now according to Peefork, he’s got another tune in the works for Volvo.


On language: facebook suicide, fixies of hipsters, business time

*Facebook suicide – Forcing one’s self to stop social networking; leaving Facebook.

*A fixie of hipsters – as reported by Kottke, the fixie is a potential collective noun for this elusive group.

*Business time: From the HBO show Flight of the Conchords, business time refers to a predetermined appointment to have sexual relations. In my humble opinion, it may also be used more generically to indicate any period which would have heretofore been called “go time.”

Video: David Lynch-directed Gucci commercial

Huh. Kinda made too much sense.

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Links for 10.3.07: New Zunes, Hannah Montana, Wu-Tang meets the Beatles +

*The new Zune: New players. New community stuff. DRM-free functionality (though shared tunes will have DRM slapped on them). See also: Enuz.

*Wow. Boing Boing TV! With a redesign and a gadget blog (which has been good), looks like they’re cranking up the cash machine. Short, original vids every weekday; here’s episode 1.

* has introduced a taste-o-meter widget, which lets visitors to your site compare their listening habits to yours. [rocketsurgeon]

*MOG is redesigning and will now offer the ability to listen to full tracks (not clips). I never could like it. Too brown. [Mashable]

*Wu-Tang says they’re cleared to sample Beatles’ “As My Guitar Gently Weeps.” [digital music news]

*Getty Images – who also owns Paper Thin Walls – is now selling music tracks through Soundtrack (formerly Pump Audio). [TechCrunch]

*Hannah Montana is like the Beatles. Tickets for her tour are going for up to $200 apiece.

*It sounded boring when I first heard about it, but ended up to be MESERIZINGLY BORING when I checked it out. Now’s gotten funded as a lifecasting platform to compete with the likes of Yipes. [Venture Beat]

*Side note: Re-shirts – the t-shirts with backstory. I like. [Alternative Consumer]