Links for 10.3.07: New Zunes, Hannah Montana, Wu-Tang meets the Beatles +

by Josh Kimball

*The new Zune: New players. New community stuff. DRM-free functionality (though shared tunes will have DRM slapped on them). See also: Enuz.

*Wow. Boing Boing TV! With a redesign and a gadget blog (which has been good), looks like they’re cranking up the cash machine. Short, original vids every weekday; here’s episode 1.

* has introduced a taste-o-meter widget, which lets visitors to your site compare their listening habits to yours. [rocketsurgeon]

*MOG is redesigning and will now offer the ability to listen to full tracks (not clips). I never could like it. Too brown. [Mashable]

*Wu-Tang says they’re cleared to sample Beatles’ “As My Guitar Gently Weeps.” [digital music news]

*Getty Images – who also owns Paper Thin Walls – is now selling music tracks through Soundtrack (formerly Pump Audio). [TechCrunch]

*Hannah Montana is like the Beatles. Tickets for her tour are going for up to $200 apiece.

*It sounded boring when I first heard about it, but ended up to be MESERIZINGLY BORING when I checked it out. Now’s gotten funded as a lifecasting platform to compete with the likes of Yipes. [Venture Beat]

*Side note: Re-shirts – the t-shirts with backstory. I like. [Alternative Consumer]