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Video: More Ken Nordine Word Jazz

I love that Ken Nordine answers YouTube comments. Even if he is fake. Here is “messy messy messy mr. blister.” Trippy – I recommend watching it while drinking black mead.

The Arcade Fire ARGing

Well, kind of ARGing. Anyway, is does the semi-cryptic message on their site – an eyeball and an anagram of Neon Bible – mean that they will be releasing an LCD Soundsystem remix of Neon Bible on October 6th? It’s possible.

Video: Dylan and Lennon interviewed together in the back of a car

From “Eat the Document.”

Dylan is supposedly on the drugs at the time. I will warn you that it is long and that it makes little, if any, sense. And it mentions Johnny Cash. [via this great vulture post]

Video: a 17-year-old Biggie rhyming on the corner

This one is making the music blog rounds, but is still, I think, worth posting. He seems quite confident. [banana nutrament via idolator]

Video: Anarchy in the Pre-K with Deborah Harry

Kid: “I’m post-punk!”
Kid: “The Killers are pansies!”
Kid: (rubs a handful of peanut butter on his belly)

Watch it here.

HBO letter puts a nail in Deadwood’s coffin

HBO: Too expensive.

Here’s the letter.
[via vulture]

What is the MOST I can pay for Radiohead’s In Rainbows?

$205.81 at current exchange rates. [limewire blog]

Music video: Scout Niblett + Will Oldham = Kiss.

Scout Niblett + Will Oldham = “Kiss”


Video: The Observer commercial with fat cartoon musicians

This ad for the Observer features prominent musicians drawn as fat, little cartoon characters, “from Abba to Zappa.” (No ZZ Top?)

Links for 10.4.07: Gum’s REM, Wu’s Guitar, Jobs’ tour +

*On the future of the music business: Subscription is going to win over a la carte pricing. [via hypebot]

*Remember that item from yesterday when the Wu-Tang Clan said they’d been cleared to use a Beatles sample, from “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”? (Which would have been the first time anyone had been allowed to do so.) Not exactly true. Peefork explains (what they’re using is an “interpolation”) and offers a stream of what the Wu has created with said interpolation.

*The execrable and (sorta) local: The RIAA’s case (the first to go to trial in the States) against a Duluth woman accused of filesharing wraps up.

*The New York Times covers Radiohead’s pay-what-you-want program. How? By quoting a Stereogum commenter.

*Fake Steve Jobs is going on a listening tour. [Mashable]

*Stereogum gives its tribute treatment to R.E.M.’s Automatic for the People. WORTH checking out. (Previously: OK Computer tribute.)