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Sam Beam on his music, his movies, and M and M’s

I like many things about Sam Beam, including 1) his movies, 2) his beard, and 3) his music. He recently did an interview with the A.V. Club wherein he makes clear that his attitude toward films that license his music is extraordinarily nonchalant (re: Garden State: “I hear it was good.”).

He also talks about my favorite song of his, “The Trapeze Swinger,” and how it was used in the awful movie In Good Company with equal shruggery.

In addition to Garden State, some other media in which Beam’s music has appeared that he’s has never seen:
*Friday Night Lights
*The L Word
*Gray’s Anatomy

He has seen the M&M’s commercial, and promises that he likes M&Ms.

Video: A jukebox playing

Not as soothing as a phonograph, but BRIGHTER. Apparently it is Terry Jacks playing “Put the Bone In.” With hilarious initial voiceover introduction.

Video: Okkervil River – another band playing in an elevator

IF YOU ENJOY ELEVATORS: Another Amsterdam video! Okkervil River plays for 16 MINUTES in an elevator for 3VOOR12. That is all.

Rumor Mill: Facebook launching a music store?

All Facebook, the unofficial Facebook blog claims that Facebook is readying an iTunes competitor.

WORDS: Tardimals, vaginads

*Vaginads: Advertising strategically placed on a woman’s body.

*Tardimals: Tinies, apparently, are very small characters such as are possible to play in Second Life. Tardimals are a special flavor of tinies – equally small, but unhealthy-looking and possibly “deformed.”

Links for 10.5.07: RIAA’s win, Efron’s hand cream, Spears’ “Gimme,” Spin’s Punk

*The RIAA won its copyright infringement case against a filesharing Brainerd woman, Jammie Thomas, who has now been ordered to pay $220,000 in damages. (That’s $9,250 per song involved in the trial.) [NYT]

*Check out the punk radio station Spin put together on Slacker. Yes, Spin. [GOOD]

*Amie Street has started a Fantasy Record Label widget on Facebook. Pick what will be popular to earn music credit. More at hypebot.

*A visual guide to facial hair.

*Brandspansion: High School Musical hand lotion. No joke required. [parent dish]

*Do you really want to see the official Britney Spears “Gimme More” video? OK. [idolator]