Links for 10.5.07: RIAA’s win, Efron’s hand cream, Spears’ “Gimme,” Spin’s Punk

by Josh Kimball

*The RIAA won its copyright infringement case against a filesharing Brainerd woman, Jammie Thomas, who has now been ordered to pay $220,000 in damages. (That’s $9,250 per song involved in the trial.) [NYT]

*Check out the punk radio station Spin put together on Slacker. Yes, Spin. [GOOD]

*Amie Street has started a Fantasy Record Label widget on Facebook. Pick what will be popular to earn music credit. More at hypebot.

*A visual guide to facial hair.

*Brandspansion: High School Musical hand lotion. No joke required. [parent dish]

*Do you really want to see the official Britney Spears “Gimme More” video? OK. [idolator]