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The WSJ on brickfilms – the net’s lego cinema movement

Check out the Wall Street Journal article on brickfilms, with more at

(Also: You may recall the wildly famous Circle Circle Dot Dot by Jamie Kennedy from back in the day.)

Here is “Clean Your Room.”

Video: Mos Def on Jena 6

A little late, but here’s Mos Def’s YouTube call for campus walkouts (this past week) for the Jena 6 case.

Video: Oystein Baadsvik tuba solo

Tuba. Solo. Check out Mr. Baadsvik’s site. [via Neatorama]

Be oNline B: Arcade Fire site up and running

Try it. No body. Just hands. And a singing head.

Links for 10.6.07: Samples, iLike, self-destructing blogs +

*Sampleur samplé: A blog dedicated to pop music samples. That makes me want to speak French. [via Snarkmarket]

*Waterproof shower iPod holder looks like a shampoo bottle. [geek sugar]

*Time Warner Cable is opening both a subscription and download music store. [digital music news]

*iLike is launching a new music tool for artists, allowing them to upload songs, add events and interact with fans. You wonder how the potential Facebook music store mentioned earlier today would change the game for early winners such as iLike. [Mashable]

*I love the idea of time-delimited, self-destructing blogs. In fact, the listenerd…