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Video: Tay Zonday’s Oct. 5th First Ave performance

The video quality’s bad, but the crowd goes NUTS prior to Mr. Zonday singing “The Can’t Dance” on October 5th at First Avenue. He opened for Girl Talk.

Video: M dot Strange’s Str8nime

Wired writes up nuevo auteur M dot Strange’s Str8nime, a genre that combines strange, 8-bit, and anime. Their take on We Are the Strange: “a triptastic triumph of DIY filmmaking.” (I wrote up M dot for the day job a year or so ago.)

Here’s a mini-doc that explains “the new radical animation style invented by m dot Strange that will make your head explode because of like an overdose of mega awesomeness.”

Links for 10.7.07: Facebook’s moist groups, rockers tap that, a pirate’s playlist +

*Most highly recommended: Language Log’s coverage of “word aversion” and its discovery of a Facebook group called “I HATE the word MOIST.” Says one member: “IF YOU EVEN UTTER “THE M WORD” NEAR ME, I’LL CASTRATE YOU!” Harsh.

*Rock music + tap dancing = Revolution.

*The Times on recent giveaway/disruptive (non-)pricing models by Radiohead and Prince: “What looks like commercial suicide is, in today‚Äôs reality, sound business sense.”

*The New York Times Magazine takes on I’m Not There. I admire Mr. Haynes’ choice of white-on-black Adidas.

*Ann Powers examines the playlist of Brainerd mom Jammie Wilson, the country’s most notorious music pirate, in the L.A. Times.

* allows Facebook users to find and listen to music that their Facebook contacts have uploaded. [Mashable]