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Video: Russian heavy metal from Aria (with major FLAMES)

While perusing my new favorite Digg clone, (a web 2.0 site for the metal set), I came across this list of 10 weird global folk metal bands.

From that fine list, I recommend checking out the Russian metal band Aria, who if nothing else, are known as “Russia’s Iron Maiden” and are obviously well-versed in traditional heavy-metal theatricality and iconography.

Video: John Malkovich-narrated documentary about poet Charles Olson

Some people say I look like John Malkovich. Not a young John Malkovich or a younger John Malkovich, mind you. Simply, “like John Malkovich.”

This fact haunts me. Also, there are capes involved. And scary talk.

The movie “Polis Is This” addresses the poetry of Charles Olson, and is narrated by Mr. Malkovich.

Video: A 5-minute documentary on the glass armonica

I do not know that the optional “h” is all about when it comes to the glass armonica (or harmonica, if you prefer), but I LIKE IT.

And who can dislike an instrument that must be played with wet fingers? From Unusual Instruments.

Video: The RZA on sorta sampling the Beatles

The Wu Tang Clan’s the RZA tells the story of how the Wu came to use an “interpolated” sample of a Beatles tune on their tune “The Heart Gently Weeps.”

[Getty Images]

Links for 10.8.07: Mobile music, Biggie, Jimi’s juice, Brid-mart +

*Writes the Wall Street Journal on mobile music: “A hopeful sign: The carriers seem to understand that cellphones are no threat to displace the PC as the hub of the digital-music experience.” There are so many things wrong with that sentence, I don’t know where to start. OK: carriers.

*Scenes from the Biggie Smalls casting call.

*Snocap and CD Baby, who dissolved their business partnership last week, bring the hate.

*MSNBC buys social news site Newsvine. Exec Producer Rex Sorgatz (Mpls locals may know him as a sort of Sid Hartman 2.0) comments on the purchase via Fimoculous. [NY Times]

*PaidContent glosses a recent Wharton research paper that looks at online recommendation services. The original doc is here. And it is academic.

*Peefork on Cease to Begin, Band of Horses’ latest: 7.7 – Wal-martastic! (Here’s Stylus on them, as well.)

*The Jimi Hendrix Liquid Experience – an energy drink. Take that, Pimp Juice. [Daily Swarm]