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Product idea: Zubaz for babies

I’m not kidding. Zubaz. For babies.

The perfect combination of early 90s retro fashion (you may note that Zubas rereleased their vintage designs this year!) and the Mini Me parenting movement (wherein parents dress their children like miniature adults).

Please run with this; I will take as little as 5%.


WORDS: Butterfaith, work hot, the full Ginsburg and teabagging

The Boston Globe covers the language beat, defining, among other slang terms [parentdish]:

Bluetool: Someone always wearing a Bluetooth, even when they’re not on the phone.

Butterfaith: A girl who is attractive by all accounts, except for her devout religiousness.

Work hot: A person who may or may not be attractive, but is the best-looking person at your workplace.

Also: “The full Ginsburg” = appearing on This Week, Meet the Press, Face the Nation, Fox News Sunday, Late Edition. [the nyer via kottke]

Also in the news: Teabagging’s Wikipedia site. (Funny that the entry “needs additional citations for verification.” Uh boy.) From the excellent entry (in the Miscellaneous section):

After numerous arrests for underage drinking at his concert, John Mayer jokingly threatened to teabag passed out concert goers in his blog:

“If I happen to be walking backstage and I see any of you young men passed out drunk on a stretcher, make no mistake about it, you will come-to in front of your disappointed parents with a face full of Sharpie and the sneaking suspicion that you’ve been teabagged by one of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people of 2007.”


Video: Go Ham On ‘Em, Soulja

Soulja Boy in a hotel room.

I do not know what “Go Ham On ‘Em” means. If anyone can shed some light on this linguistic mystery, I would appreciate it. Meanwhile, I’ll try to hunt it down myself.

[xxl via getty images]

Lists: 50 worst songs of all time

What I like about Blender’s fairly predictable (Billy Joel, Toby Keith, Five For Fighting) list of the 50 worst songs of all time has nothing to do with the content. The beauty of it, I think, is that its makers have taken the time to isolate the “Worst Moments” of the worst songs. This level of detail – best parts of songs, worst moments in the worst songs – seems absolutely necessary in a modular age.

Who needs a whole song?
[via Clusterflock, who makes an ad hominem attack on the Black Eyed Peas in the 8 words they spill on the list…]

Links for 10.12.07: Snocap melts, Bowie dress, Klaxons cover +

*Ouch. CNET reports that Snocap’s laying off 60% of its workforce. They’re angling to be acquired. [via techmeme]

*Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize. The fathers of the MP3 snared a Nobel, too. But more importantly, there is a Nobel Prize Channel on YouTube. [watching TV online]

*From Spin: An imagined “conversation between R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe and chef Mario Batali, if they’d stayed up Wednesday night listening to Radiohead’s In Rainbows in Stipe’s TriBeCa penthouse loft, and later went out for food at an unknown location, possibly where saffron risotto was being served.” [pop candy]

*Free wi-fi at Starbucks soon? One prediction. (The majority of the coffee shops in this town already offer it, so even if I wanted to go to Starbucks, I’d still be getting a bum deal as things currently stand.) [via techmeme]

*If you want to look like David Bowie, shop at Target.

*The Top 10 Rap Songs That White People Love. Huh. But let’s talk for a second about “No Diggity.” (Here’s Klaxons covering the 90s classic. [via musicfilter]

*The A.V. Club interviews Weird Al: “People never ask people doing serious music, ‘Do you ever think about doing funny music?'”

*Ze Frank writes and sings a social networking song. (I’ll be meeting him at a company meeting in a couple days. Weeee!) [waxy]