Links for 10.14.07: Going ham, Fire loss, casinos score +

by Josh Kimball

*The music business’ big winners: Casinos. They drive traffic to the tables, while also serving as a reliable revenue source, especially for country bands. [mediaeater]

*Also via media eater, I’m not usually a Godin guy at all, but this post about Radiohead and the “mediocre middle” makes sense well beyond the record industry.

*Commenter Startling Moniker digs up the probable meaning of YouTube star Soulja Boy’s “go ham on ’em.” The interview here; and a quick gloss: “‘Being as that I’m from the fraternity Lam de Lam de Lam, we are always looking for sacrificial lambs. We take them to Bethlehem then we take them to Birmingham. See Birmingham and Bethlehem is where they go ham, ham is mayhem.’ Mayhem means like go crazy.”

*A cassette tape tape dispenser: for all your taping needs. [scifi tech]

*Cinematical runs snaps from Things We Lost in the Fire, a movie that looks overwrought, but appears to take its name from a great Low album.

*The Washington Post has devised a nifty infographic-cum-algorithm on musical sellouts: “The Moby Quotient, generated by the formula below, determines the degree to which artists besmirch their reputations when they lend their music to hawk products or companies.”

Based on my own estimates and this algorithm, Band of Horses licensing “The Funeral” to Wal-mart scores a 61.45. [musick in the head]