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Links for 10.15.07: ‘Nuts, Hype, Talk, Woot +

*Do you want to help launch the new Hype Machine? You will have to recruit some friends. [a vc]

*It is irrational to pay for Radiohead albums.

*Coolfer writes about Universal’s in-the-works subscription service: “The Morris plan is a leap forward because music companies are finally treating their product as a service and looking at the best way to get it into the hands of music lovers.” Music is a service, among other things.

*Perez Hilton gets sued by Zomba for leaking music. [digital music news]

*Music Sucks interviews Girl Talk (Gregg Gillis):

“I think the current coypright law doesn’t really take into consideration what to do with an album that uses 200+ samples and is treated as a new piece of music by most mainstream publications. I think Fair Use is a progressive idea but also overly specific. I think if a form of music is transformative and doesn’t affect the sampled artists’ potential sales, then there should be a simpler way to gain rights to using it. Nearly all music these days is based on manipulating previous ideas.” [largehearted boy]

*Has 2007 been an off year for indie rock? What about Chocolate Rain?

*If you’re quick, you can buy a Zune for $100 on Woot today. [on10 via techmeme]

*The local: Sparky from St. Paul – John Updike reviews the new Charles Schultz biography in the New Yorker.

The Listenerd’s light posting schedule this week

Yes, things will be light all week on the listenerd, as I will be working 3X as hard as usual on the day job. On the plus side, I’ll probably get to hang with Ze and Bourdain. Pray for me.