Links for 10.20.07: Dumbledore gay, rock dead, First Ave hit +

by Josh Kimball

*Peefork gives Radiohead’s In Rainbows a _._. Fill in your own rating. [plastic bag]

*On net neutrality: The Associated Press reports that Comcast is blocking BitTorrent traffic.

*iTunes drops the price on its DRM-free tunes and adding DRM-free indies. [via hypebot]

*Also via hypebot, check out the Go2web2 slideshow of Music 2.0 services.

*The execrable local: A “fucking car” crashed into First Ave. [via mediation]

*The also-execrable practice of internal linking begins its decline? Engadget. Ugh. [via techmeme]

*Sales of gaming consoles are booming. The peer pressure does not seem to be persuading the rest of one certain household.

*10 legal ways to find cheap music. [via largehearted boy]

*If you have been wondering what MP3 player to buy your toddler. [parent dish]

*Dumbledore is gay.

*Rock is dead (says Sufjan).

*Frank and Bourdain are both tall.

*Sasha Frere-Jones hates white people.