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Video: Circuit bending pachinko machines


Video: Barfing pumpkin

The barfing pumpkin (in a variety of forms) will be hotter than ever this year. Mark my words.

Video: Countdown from 100 using movie dialogue

A countdown. From 100 to 1.


Video: deaf Finnish hip-hopper Signmark rhymes and signs

[the thinking blog]

Video: Bob Dylan Talking World War III Blues


Video: Bobsledding on woks


Video: Information r/evolution

Now sending this to all of my taxonomy friends (there are a few).

[via techcrunch]

Video: Ben Gibbard hates the Black Eyed Peas

Ben Gibbard, you are chubby.

Video: Guitar shredding

[via buzzfeed]

Links for 10.21.07: Drunkeness, Lance Bass, MC Hammer +

*20 Shockingly Drunk Moments in Music History: Ashlee Simpson at McDonald’s, ODB most of his waking hours and a super-scary Countney Love. [largehearted boy]

*There are more World of Warcraft players in the U.S. than there are farmers. [kung fu monkey via Boing Boing]

*On MTV, circa 1981.

*An mp3 blog for holiday music, year round: I Wish It Could be Christmas Every Day. [largehearted boy]

*Who doesn’t want to read about Lance Bass? “It was very, I don’t know, like, therapeutic, writing this book.”

*Maybe Times Select wasn’t so bad from a business perspective. (It was bad from a reader-who-doesn’t-make-enough-money perspective.)

*MC Hammer’s readying the launch of a dance-oriented social network called DanceJam. Also, Mr. Hammer has a blog. [listening post]

*I swear, my mojo (such as it was), will someday return.