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Words and things: Connectile dysfunction, flexting and shitfacedbooking

Matters of language you may/should find interesting:

*connectile dysfunction – the inability to keep an internet or cellphone connection. [via]

*flexting – flirting via text message. (This follows on blirting of several years ago, which is flirting via blackberry.) [via]

*shitfacedbooking – using Facebook while inebriated. [via]

You may now once again go about your business.

Video: Bloc Party’s video for Flux

American wrestling + Japanese monster movies = Kaiju Big Battel.

[pop candy]

Video: Bob Dylan’s new Cadillac commercial

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Links for 10.22.07: Hip-hop chess, curbing schizophrenia, carrier hate +

*The Copyright Board of Canada has enacted a tax on music downloads, and will collect retroactively back to 1996. Heh. Canada.

*The New York Times covers the Hip-Hop Chess Federation’s Kings Invitational Tournament. [ypulse]

*Mossberg bashes the carriers: “A shortsighted and often just plain stupid federal government has allowed itself to be bullied and fooled by a handful of big wireless phone operators for decades now.”

*Episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm are being used to help teach social skills to schizophrenic patients. Good for schizophrenics, scary for Larry David.

*The NYTimes on Black Kids and building blog buzz at CMJ.

*Virgin Mobile USA’s Wild Card supports streaming music. The odd thing: Virgin’s pre-paid, and tunes will cost $.25 per stream. [digital music news]

*Is the music industry growing? Maybe if you count iPods. Really. Why would you count iPods? [hypebot]

*AT&T is making Napster’s 5 million song catalog available for download in November.

*So dry.

*Oh, and the execrable Strib covers the changing face of breakdancing. [mediation]