Links for 10.25.07: MySpace’s liar, Mpls’ D-bag, Radioheads sales +

*The annals of investigative journalism: Tom from Myspace is like 5 years older than he’s been pretending to be. This is big. [techcrunch via fimoculous]

*Radiohead will release the actual numbers from their variable-price download experiment at the end of the year. But know this: They will walk away with a lot of money. YW. [listening post]

*Colbert Girl. Obama Girl = so last quarter. [media loper]

*Local music: Is Purple Rain the best movie soundtrack of all times? So says Vanity Fair. (Pulp Fiction = #4)

*Local language: The great Minneapolis Douchebag (thread). The comments are fantastic. Delta Bravo.

*Local music: Peefork interviews Tapes ‘N Tapes.