Links for 10.26.07: Classical music, sausage, the Wire and coke guitars

*Classical music is the future of all music. Consider. Also. [waxy]

*Who would like an electric guitar made of pure cocaine? (Read the Google translation of an Italian news story.) [music thing]

*Rocketsurgeon reviews, a new blog music aggregator, in the style of Hype Machine and

*Is iTunes in danger of losing all its music? asks Mashable. (Looks like Warner may go to an ad hoc relationship, as Universal did a few months back.)

*iLike. The VinylDisk is a combination record and CD.

*The New Yorker profiles The Wire‘s David Simon. The writer is not shy: “It is perhaps the only storytelling on television that overtly suggests that our political and economic and social constructs are no longer viable, that our leadership has failed us relentlessly, and that no, we are not going to be all right.”

*Wikipedia is like a sausage. [lift think]