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Video: The Condom Song

I fear this.

Video: Prince’s Chelsea Rodgers

Prince hates YouTube.
[daily swarm]

Theory: The triumvirate of rhetoric

The one thing writers should know: People hate reading.
The one thing speakers should know: People hate listening.

Hence, the triumvirate of rhetoric:


Video: Langhorne Slim playing in a black cab

It seems unsafe.
[black cab sessions]

Video: Nerd rap – “Buy Mii a Wii”


Links for 10.28.07: Mpls builds, iTunes destroys, human race splits +

*What’s causing music sales to slump? iTunes. [hypebot]

*My favorite news story of the past 5 years re-appears. In the future, THERE WILL BE TWO KINDS OF HUMANS. Love it.

*The execrable local: Coolhunting covers Minneapolis architecture in video.

*Nokia launches the Independent Artists Club for Asian musicians. [crave]

*Critic: Britney Spears’ new CD is good. [medialoper]

*The No Cussing Club: For those who cannot stomach vulgarity. Here is a music video from the NCC. (Of course personally, I think cussing is an integral part of language and human society. Fuckers.) [mefi]