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Month: October, 2007

Video: Nerd rap – “Buy Mii a Wii”



Links for 10.28.07: Mpls builds, iTunes destroys, human race splits +

*What’s causing music sales to slump? iTunes. [hypebot]

*My favorite news story of the past 5 years re-appears. In the future, THERE WILL BE TWO KINDS OF HUMANS. Love it.

*The execrable local: Coolhunting covers Minneapolis architecture in video.

*Nokia launches the Independent Artists Club for Asian musicians. [crave]

*Critic: Britney Spears’ new CD is good. [medialoper]

*The No Cussing Club: For those who cannot stomach vulgarity. Here is a music video from the NCC. (Of course personally, I think cussing is an integral part of language and human society. Fuckers.) [mefi]

Video: Korean rap – “Canon in D”


Links for 10.27.07: Bowie’s voice, R. Kelly’s sales, Guitar Hero’s triumph +

*David Bowie will appear in a Spongebob Squarepants TV movie. [the playlist]

*Guitar Center – a store that normally sells musical instruments – will be selling Guitar Hero III this holiday season. [kotaku]

*R. Kelly is the top-selling artist among U.S. troops stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan this year. [daily swarm]

*Forget DDR: Dancing with the Stars for the Wii and PS2. [geeksugar]

Video: A robot playing guitar

From the League of Electronic Musical Urban Robots.

Links for 10.26.07: Classical music, sausage, the Wire and coke guitars

*Classical music is the future of all music. Consider. Also. [waxy]

*Who would like an electric guitar made of pure cocaine? (Read the Google translation of an Italian news story.) [music thing]

*Rocketsurgeon reviews, a new blog music aggregator, in the style of Hype Machine and

*Is iTunes in danger of losing all its music? asks Mashable. (Looks like Warner may go to an ad hoc relationship, as Universal did a few months back.)

*iLike. The VinylDisk is a combination record and CD.

*The New Yorker profiles The Wire‘s David Simon. The writer is not shy: “It is perhaps the only storytelling on television that overtly suggests that our political and economic and social constructs are no longer viable, that our leadership has failed us relentlessly, and that no, we are not going to be all right.”

*Wikipedia is like a sausage. [lift think]

Links for 10.25.07: MySpace’s liar, Mpls’ D-bag, Radioheads sales +

*The annals of investigative journalism: Tom from Myspace is like 5 years older than he’s been pretending to be. This is big. [techcrunch via fimoculous]

*Radiohead will release the actual numbers from their variable-price download experiment at the end of the year. But know this: They will walk away with a lot of money. YW. [listening post]

*Colbert Girl. Obama Girl = so last quarter. [media loper]

*Local music: Is Purple Rain the best movie soundtrack of all times? So says Vanity Fair. (Pulp Fiction = #4)

*Local language: The great Minneapolis Douchebag (thread). The comments are fantastic. Delta Bravo.

*Local music: Peefork interviews Tapes ‘N Tapes.

Video: A phonograph playing soothingly

No spinning, but still nice.

Links for 10.24.07: Unlocked iPhones, Comcast’s bias, iLike’s chart +

*1/6th of iPhones are unlocked. [san jose mercury news]

*iLike and Billboard team up to create new music charts that take Facebook and iTunes info into account. I’m guessing they’ll be heavy on Avril Lavigne and Dashboard Confessional. [hypebot]

*Is Comcast helping the cause of Net Neutrality? asks Ars Technica.

*Joy Division-themed New Balance sneakers by Dylan Adair. SEEMS WEIRD. [josh spear]

*Gothic Raggedy Ann and Andy. [wonderland’s]

Video: BBC report on the OiNK raid


Words and things: Connectile dysfunction, flexting and shitfacedbooking

Matters of language you may/should find interesting:

*connectile dysfunction – the inability to keep an internet or cellphone connection. [via]

*flexting – flirting via text message. (This follows on blirting of several years ago, which is flirting via blackberry.) [via]

*shitfacedbooking – using Facebook while inebriated. [via]

You may now once again go about your business.

Video: Bloc Party’s video for Flux

American wrestling + Japanese monster movies = Kaiju Big Battel.

[pop candy]

Video: Bob Dylan’s new Cadillac commercial

[daily swarm]

Links for 10.22.07: Hip-hop chess, curbing schizophrenia, carrier hate +

*The Copyright Board of Canada has enacted a tax on music downloads, and will collect retroactively back to 1996. Heh. Canada.

*The New York Times covers the Hip-Hop Chess Federation’s Kings Invitational Tournament. [ypulse]

*Mossberg bashes the carriers: “A shortsighted and often just plain stupid federal government has allowed itself to be bullied and fooled by a handful of big wireless phone operators for decades now.”

*Episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm are being used to help teach social skills to schizophrenic patients. Good for schizophrenics, scary for Larry David.

*The NYTimes on Black Kids and building blog buzz at CMJ.

*Virgin Mobile USA’s Wild Card supports streaming music. The odd thing: Virgin’s pre-paid, and tunes will cost $.25 per stream. [digital music news]

*Is the music industry growing? Maybe if you count iPods. Really. Why would you count iPods? [hypebot]

*AT&T is making Napster’s 5 million song catalog available for download in November.

*So dry.

*Oh, and the execrable Strib covers the changing face of breakdancing. [mediation]