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Month: November, 2007

Video: Sonoma Valley High School staff performs the Soulja Boy


Links for 11.30.07: Christie’s t-shirts, Sufjan’s words, Evel’s goodbye +

*Christie’s is now offering up vintage rock tees for auction. I HAVE A RAD HAWKWIND SHIRT, FYI. That is all.

*Evel Knievel, who just buried the hatchet with Kanye West, is dead.

*Sufjan Stevens really is having a PEN American Center literary event. On December 17th at Brooklyn’s Southpaw. It has just been delayed is all. Don’t panic. [peefork]

*Amazon is giving away 1 BILLION mp3s for a Super Bowl promotion. [readwriteweb] And: A Tipping Point for MP3s.

*CELEBRITY BEARDS: The much hated Pop Candy leads us to the tidbit that Conan O’Brien is growing a strike beard. It will probably not be a talibeard.

*Four Gawker Media drones quit in a day. Surprised it doesn’t happen more often. [via twitter]

*If you missed this: Accordion Hero exists. [buzzfeed]

*Off topic: The Orgasmo Clock wakes up its owners with the sound of a female orgasm. YES. [shiny shiny]

LOCAL video: The Replacements playing First Ave’s Seventh Street Entry in ’81


Links for 11.29.07: RIAA runs, Beacon fades, Hove hides +

*Is EMI sick of the RIAA? MAYBE. The label’s trying to cut its funding of the trade org.

*Facebook’s ready to give up ground on Beacon, their social ad scheme.

*META: The Guardian asks fans to help them compile the ultimate list of songs about songs. (Most of the commenters don’t seem to get it, but I love the idea.)

*The Wire – which all TV-loving peoples go orgasmic for – is releasing a soundtrack on January 8; Tom Waits, Solomon Burke, etc. [the playlist]

*daed si evoH. Jay-Z’s new album is filled with secret messages. [xrrxf]

*Fred Wilson: Apple sucks. Also, the iPhone sucks. Sentiment code that, blog scrapers.

*PSFK chats with RCRD LBL‘s Peter Rojas. (In which Peter Rojas wears a festive holiday sweater.)

*Pandora makes an appearance in Doonesbury. Next up, Family Circus’ Barfy gets an iPod.

Video: A phonograph spinning in a soothing manner

The Lindstrom Model 777.

Video: Band of Horses’ “Funeral” in a Ford commercial

Totally makes me want to buy a Ford truck. At Wal-mart.

[daily swarm]

Links for 11.28.07: Weather Channel jazz, Starbucks rock, Sleater-Kinney vidgames +

*Twitter informs me that The Weather Channel Jazz album now holds the #2 spot on the Contemporary Jazz Album chart. Also, AHN says so.

*Starbucks is doing a John Lennon video album with EMI and Apple. Starbucks is now the keeper of the culture, people. DEAL. [via the MUCH-HATED FOR ANTI-POPULIST WEB PRACTICES digital music news]

*Kanye West and Evel Knievel have kissed and made up after a copyright battle over the use of the latter’s image in a Kanye video. [idolator]

*Let me get this out there: I can’t stand Slate (it’s the worst kind of “news magazine” – pandering, headline-heavy fluff). OK, Sleater-Kinney’s Carrie Brownstein reviews Rock Band in it. [via fimoculous] On a tangential note, Kotaku wonders if Guitar Hero is screwing musicians.

*Non-embedded video of the Beatles singing Help! [boing boing]

*The Berklee School of Music is launching an industry (music production, songwriting, theory, business) blog network. [daily swarm]

*READ: Ad-Supported Music Central’s take on the future of the music industry and the impact of DRM-free tunes. With charts!

*Nominate your favorite music blog for an award. And I mean that rhetorically, I assure you.

Video: Oh, hello, R. Kelly

[sasha frere-jones]

Video: Tay Zonday’s “Cherry Chocolate Rain”

Video: MadTV’s satirical political take on Rihanna’s “Umbrella”

If you are into that sort of thing.

EARLY Links for 11.28.07: K-fed’s glory, Habbo heists, Mailer’s hound +

*K-Fed has been named one of the 50 most influential men under 45 by Details magazine. In a very effective publicity ploy. [parent dish]

*There is apparently a Dutch criminal syndicate being investigated for stealing Habbo Hotel furniture from other players. LOVE IT. [playgirlz]

*Dear Rockers gives guilty, downloading music fans an easy way to send musicians money and assuage their guilt. $5. [neatorama]

*Conor Oberst and M. Ward forming a super whiny band? So says Peefork.

*Read: Wired feature on Universal CEO Doug Morris. That is all.

*Off topic: Norman Mailer, whom devoted fans of the listenerd will know is my author of choice for all traditional Thanksgiving weekends spent in the Upper Peninsula, won this year’s Literary Review Bad Sex Award. Huzzah! I wish I could paste you a quote, but alas, I am apparently too much the gentleman. [mefi]

*Local: There’s a book release party for The Replacements: All Over but the Shouting by Jim Walsh (who normally makes my brain bleed) at First Ave Wednesday night. [first ave myspace]

*Local: T-Wolves point guard Marko Jaric is dating Victoria’s Secret’s Adriana Lima? Maybe I would have known this before if I followed local mainstream media at all? [with leather]

Video: Fall Out Boy covers Pantera

[metal sucks]

Links for 11.27.07: Ashley vs. Britney, CD vs. Vinyl, Zune vs. iPod +

*Deutsche Grammophon is launching an online drm-free store of classical music. [techcrunch]

*The Shins are helping pitch both Zunes and iPods. (Maybe Ben Bridwell should try to get Target on the phone, too?) [gigaom]

*Shredz64: A geek tries to connect his Playstation Guitar Hero guitar to a Commodore 64. [waxy]

*Listening Post digs up 1993 MTV footage of the CD vs. vinyl debate.

*[Video] He Said Gimme More: Ashley Tisdale vs. Britney Spears. Are pop videos interchangeable? [guardian]

Video: Salsa Celtica