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Links for 11.1.07: Bono’s boringness, Neko’s verse, Facebook tunes +

*Facebook is ready to launch a music service. (The listenerd mentioned it previously, but it’s realer now.) [listening post]

*QLOUD (which – and this is an internal link coming – we talked about previously) has now OFFICIALLY launched. [epicenter]

*Venture Beat runs an op-ed about the relationships and the music bid by Pandora founder Tim Westergren.

*Bono talks to Rolling Stone. I hate Bono. And I always will. No matter what. [via vulture]

*The iPhone is the invention of the year. It can make calls and play music. [time via techmeme]

*Lily Allen has her own credit card. If you don’t qualify for much, she will mock your small credit limit. [daily swarm]

*Neko Case writes for the latest edition of Poetry magazine: “We all have the right to poetry! How could I still think it’s for other people? Smarter people. What’s doubly confusing is I don’t have the same reservations when poetry is accompanied by music. [eat it, largehearted boy]

Video: Lacuna Coil, an anime music video

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