Links for 11.2.07: Public radio rawk, Movember, Mac-o-lantern’s +

by Josh Kimball

*It is Movember. Grow your moustache for charity. Up next lunar cycle: Decembeard.

*NPR is pumping up its music coverage. I would like to go on record as saying that the grating earnestness of public radio rock talk show Sound Opinions makes it pretty much unlistenable. The end. [digital music news]

*Tech Digest critiques the Nokia online + mobile music store that opened recently in the UK. Also: Warner is withholding its content from the store due to other copyright squabbles with Nokia. [hypebot]

*The Local: Esquire calls screenwriteress Diablo Cody (Juno) a Woman We Love. [marrina]

*Slyck on inadvertant file-sharing. My mouse slip.

*A couple days late, but behold the Mac-O-Lantern. [wonderland’s]