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Video: Rock ‘n’ Roll Nightmare’s Thor vs. Satan battle

From “Rock ‘n’ Roll Nightmare,” a classic from 1987.


Video: The Simpsons’ Crank That (Soulja Boy)

Yes, another Crank That. It’s been weeks, people.


Links for 11.4.07: Ozzy’s ire, Stewie’s songs, Sex Pistols’ candidate +

*North Dakota cops staged a fake pre-party at an Ozzy concert to bust a bunch of people with outstanding warrants, and now Ozzy is pissed. [idolator]

*Bloggers try to see a Sex Pistols endorsement of presidential candidate Ron Paul in their Tonight Show appearance together. [mefi]

*The New York Times waxes rhapsodic about the showtunes on The Family Guy. Uh boy.

*Bono + vlogging (for MSNBC) = worst nightmare. [huff po]

*Audio + transcript of a David Simon (The Wire) interview, via commenter Mr. Media.

*Behold: the light saber mp3 player (aka the Music Stick). [crave]