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Video: Cuba Gooding, Jr. breakdancing in 1985

Majestic Vision Breakers. You don’t have to watch all 8+ minutes of it.

Video: Walkman Project Music Pieces ad

Social music. [fresh creation]

Links for 11.5.07: Jacko’s cover, Google’s phone, Jobs’ blog +

*Michael Jackson is on the December cover of Ebony magazine. [concrete loop]

*USA Today on Google and the Open Phone coalition. [techmeme]

*Imeem signs a deal with Iris Distribution to secure indie content. [digital music news]

*Ars Technica interviews Fake Steve Jobs: “I was trying to learn how to use Blogger. First thing you need to do when you start a blog is have something to write to fill in all that empty space.”

*Take Rolling Stone’s Almost-Impossible Rock & Roll Quiz. Taco Thighs. [marrina]

*Vizzie music fun: The Gracenote Music Map (who’s listening to what where) and this rad visualization video re: the role of classical musicians. [information aesthetics]

*I am killing Chip Music. [little-scale]

*Mp3 player lipstick. From Bratz. [crave]

*Music Alerts allows one to create RSS feeds to tell you when your favorite artists release music on Amazon. [red ferret]