Links for 11.6.07: Radiohead’s freeloaders, Ticketmaster’s break, Pandora’s friends +

by Josh Kimball

*Radiohead’s “In Rainbows” numbers: 62% paid nothing. Average price (freeloaders included): $2.26. [paid content]

*NPR rolls out its new music site. Very patriotic. Some text on the matter.

*Rolling Stone (2nd mention this week – WHOA) introduces a digital issue. I hate it. []

*Songza, a music search engine, lets you listen and build playlists as you go. [mashable]

*Slate asks why P. Diddy (and other succesful, high-profile rappers) hasn’t entered into any pro-sampling litigation. Typical Slate. [medialoper]

*Pandora goes social.

*IAC is breaking into 5 different publicly traded companies, and Ticketmaster is one of them.

*Sit on a chair that looks like sound. [information aesthetics]

*Mr. Frank seems a lot more relaxed these days.