Links for 11.7.07: Facebook’s sound, Prince’s hate, Bridwell’s folly +

by Josh Kimball

*Facebook’s music service has apparently begun rolling. [venture beat]

*Prince hates you. And me. [vulture]

*Sub Pop is opening its own digital music store. [filter]

*In social networks: MixRevolution – the soc net for DJs. Are there that many DJs? [listening post]

*Ugh. I love Ypulse as an information source, but upon a closer read today (which I unfortunately don’t often have time for) really mediocre analysis of Radiohead + the youth market. Scary.

UPDATE: From the comments – My main (overly harsh) complaint about the Ypulse post was with saying control was one of the big takeaways (see the ‘ments below for too much wordiness on the subject). Yp’s Anastasia counters by saying that I’m getting all semantical. Which is probably fair. Finally, we agree on the maxim “Wine before bloggy, everything foggy.” (OK, I just made that up. But you know.)

*Band of Horses’ Ben Bridwell keeps talking about his band’s Wal-mart licensing deal. [largehearted boy]

*Lily Allen has become a lingerie model for Agent Provocateur. [peefork]

*How would you like to smell like Jay-Z? [popeater via daily swarm]