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Video: A phonograph playing in a soothing manner

Video: The Zombeatles = Zombies + Beatles


Links for 11.8.07: Rainbows’ #, eMusic’s loss, Lily’s undergarments +

*Wholly inaccurate: The In Rainbows story. [mathew ingram]

*Rock label Drag City is done with eMusic. (Like so many, didn’t like their pricing policy.) [xrrxf]

*Nirvana dude Krist Novoselic blogs for Seattle Weekly. [peefork]

*The A.V. Club interviews Nikki Sixx. Hateration from the comments: “Can you guys interview Ricki Rocket next week? Thanks.” [largehearted boy]

*Lily Allen is actually NOT doing lingerie stuff, but she is doing a social networky show on BBC3. [idolator]

*EVERYONE: An air conditioner made out of Legos. [geekologie]

*Jay-Z flashing Euros = a recession. Yeah, yeah.

*QUOTE: “That’s the point: from a strategic pov, good beats evil – unfortunately for Facebook.” I love any stories about good. Or evil. Or two kinds of humans. [snarkmarket]

*The International Society of Supervillains offers up a post on “Real-World Scenarios in Which “Guitar Hero” Skills Could be Useful“: “Doc Brown creates a time machine out of an old DeLorean. The machine works perfectly when Marty McFly tests it, but instead of 1955, he ends up in 2007, and in an alternate reality where ‘Guitar Hero II’ had Johnny B. Goode in it. To save the marriage of his future-parents, Marty has to play the song into the Xbox 360 at their very nerdy prom.” [metalsucks]

*Someone has hacked Alicia Keys‘ MySpace page. But why? [gigaom]

*LOCAL: Peefork covers Jim Walsh’s book on The Replacements, All Over but the Shouting. I have to say this: Walsh’s musings on life make my ears bleed. And that’s not just the wine-dark evening talking.