Links for 11.9.07: Music scores, Pandora streams, Girls rock +

*The Day the Music Died: A BBC story about an online music score library’s struggles with copyright law. [wonderland]

*Firefly – the kiddie cellphone co. – is starting an age-appropriate (tween) mobile music store, flyStore. [hypebot]

*8 models of AT&T phone have integrated Pandora’s streaming music service (not the iPhone). [listening post]

*VozMe turns text files into MP3s. I would like the option of using a celebrity voice, please. [red ferret]

*Video – Rock Band Cometh: A mockumentary about a video game.

*Perhaps you are the next Lita Ford: Rock ‘N’ Roll Camp for Girls. (UGGGGH. I absolutely can’t stand the internal USA Today links that go straight to interstitial ads. Pop Candy is on warning.) [pop candy]

*How hype builds for bands in the blogosphere: An essay from Oxford American. [fimoculous]

*On weather: