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Audio: The Walkmen read scenes from Sex and the City


Yes. At Daytrotter’s Bookery. Need I say I recommend it?


Video: Tay Zonday’s “Too Big for You”

The video = very Minneapolis.

Alas, this may be my last Tay Zonday post.

Language: A proliferation of twollipses?

I have been seeing with greater frequency the usage of what is – to me, at least – a new, mostly-online language marker: the two-dotted ellipsis, or, as I am calling them: twollipses.

In informal communication (e-mail, IM, social media) I’ve noticed an increasing use of two dots rather than three to form an ellipsis-like marker. I don’t think, though, that the twollipsis’ introduction is merely laziness, error, or a change in how we ellipsify things. The twollipsis instead seems have a meaning distinct from from its three-dotted cousin.

While the 3-dotter’s meaning and usage are established (pause and omission), in my experience, the 2-dotter seems to be a slightly smaller conversational opening. It indicates not the clear, (and rather dramatic, in the context of most social media) 3-dot conversational space, but rather a mere willingness to carry a topic forward.

I fully realize that I could be wrong, and that it may simply be expediency or laziness (great drivers for shifts in how we communicate) driving the two-dot emergence. (Or perhaps I’m imagining the entire phenomenon!) Maybe someone at Language Log or some other font of linguistic knowledge can set me straight on this matter. (Side note: I realize this is not nearly as interesting a linguistic investigation as the Great Minneapolis Douchebag thread, but it struck me as something worth taking a look at nonetheless.)

Video: Jay-Z talks to Charlie Rose

It’s so necessary. [stereogum]

Video: Rogue Wave ad for the Zune

No Enuz references. Huh. [daily swarm]

Video: Skateboarding + Parkour (non-music)


Links for 11.10.07: Sufjan’s gift, Radiohead’s cast, Prince’s suit +

*Prince is suing the Pirate Bay for copyright infringement. Also, he hates you. [crave]

* Radiohead has been throwing live webcasts, streaming video from their studio the last couple nights. (Some video here and here.) [stereogum and daily swarm]

*Sufjan Stevens will trade the lucky winner of a Christmas songwriting contest the rights to one of his songs for the rights to theirs. [brooklyn vegan]

*The code for the latest version of iTunes indicates that the store will in the near future be offering movie rentals and video-on-demand. [techcrunch]

*Facebook plans to enable voting on newsfeed options. So you can totally vote up feed items such as users adding embarrassing pics? Might need to become quicker on the draw with the detag. [valleywag]

*Also on Facebook: See this link-heavy hypebot post for further developments in Facebook’s music initiative.

*UK Music store 7 Digital says DRM-free music is outselling DRM’d tunes by 4X from where they’re sitting. [ars technica]

*Considering: six-pack ab surgery.