Links for 11.11.07: Jay-Z vs. Jobs, Rock rides, rap charts +

by Josh Kimball

*Steve Jobs vs. Jay-Z = the new Kanye vs. 50 Cent. (Not really.)

*More on The Poetics of Space Bars (internal link): Hip-hop comes in chart form. [murketing]

*The New York Times on “Band as Brand.” On the art of the 360 deal.

*Animator Michael Levy puts moving pics to Coltrane’s “Giant Steps.” [mefi]

*Technology Crisis and Technology Crisis II, by Cicada are both videogame soundtracks without videogames. A win-win. [bb gadgets]

*Music-inspired theme parks: Decades and The Hard Rock Theme Park. [xrrxf]

*Prepare yourself for a Run-DMC biopic.

*BBC Radio Labs: Beta blogging from sound nerds at the BBC. [magnetbox]