Links for 11.13.07: Sparhawk skis, meat toilets, robot guitars +

by Josh Kimball

Prepare your eyeballs, lazy effers.

*The New York Times writes a love letter to the unretired Jay-to-the-Izzo.

*Gibson is launching a self-tuning ROBOT guitar. Yes, a guitar that is a robot. [bb gadgets]

*Rolling Stone quotes long-time listenerd favorite master of nonsense

“Here we are with the most technology in human history walking on the fucking planet humming and singing, and there’s no form of music formed, and I’m talking to you in Brazil on a cell phone at lightning speed. I’ve got the Internet pumping right now, and there ain’t no form of music in 2007? That’s fuckin’ crazy.” [via vulture]

*Manu Chao – who is huge with the pre-walking, pre-speaking set – is planning digital rereleases of his back catalog. Recommended: “Bongo Bong” on repeat for no less than three hours. [pitchfork]

*The Future of Rock Band: action figures (and more merch), the game as platform, more licensing deals + crazy-ass peripherals. [kotaku]

*Pandora has added classical music to its catalog. [venturebeat]

*Ask 500 People. Major potential. [buzzfeed]

*The A.V. Club interviews a chick (Kristen Schaal) from always-IM’d HBO musicomedy Flight of the Conchords:

“I did The Education Of Max Bickford, with Richard Dreyfuss. That was another one of the first times I ever worked. I was coming out of college, and I was so idealistic, and I just hated the writing so much. I just didn’t understand how that stuff could get made. I had to do a rap to Richard Dreyfuss, because my character was eager—and loved to rap, I guess.”

*Look for a new Rob Zombie movie – animated – in 2008: “The Haunted World of El Superbeasto.” Yes, Rob Zombie has a successful career in cinema. [the playlist]

*There are new Zunes. Now with more customization, and with semi-positive reviews. Still nothing to dispel the whole Enuz thing, though.

*Pop Candy + the relatively recent habit of constantly making me go through interstitial ads = YOU ARE DEAD TO ME.

*Read Hypebot’s super-short Q&A with the Imeem CEO. Loving the brevity.

*Huh. All WSJ articles get DIGG buttons starting tonight, and there’s now free access to dugg articles says Kevin Rose on the Digg blog.

*Alan Sparhawk of Low has released a DVD of him and his side-project bandmates the Black-Eyed Snakes cross-country skiing: “Cross Country with the Snakes.” A video. Of a band. Cross-country skiing. [peefork]

*Awful: Kanye’s 58-year-old mother died while undergoing plastic surgery. His statement here.

*Wendy’s is offering Rhapsody downloads with their burgers. They’re giving away 100 million songs to combo meal buyers. Mmmm, chili. [digital music news]

*What if a toilet were made out of meat? [neatorama]