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Off topic: On Sleep

A monster New York Times Sunday Magazine article on America’s sleep-industrial complex yields many worthwhile tidbits. Among them:

*There is a sleep war going on, and it pits the mattress people vs. the pharmaceutical people.

*Civilized humans used to regularly awaken for a brief period in the middle of the night. While some fed their livestock, chatted or had sex, “Benjamin Franklin took ‘cold-air baths,’ reading naked in a chair.

Allow me to paint a mental image of this “cold-air bath” for you: Benjamin Franklin. Wearing bifocals. Reading. Naked. In a chair.

*Euphemism watch: “In Botswana, for example, someone who wakes up in the middle of the night and cannot sleep ‘may begin to hum, or go out and play the thumb piano‘ (emphasis mine).”

Video: Guitar Hero tricked out with LEDs


Links for 11.18.07: Eminem’s daditude, South Park’s jams, Vibes verses +

*South Park takes on Guitar Hero. [a vc]

*Vibe is pimping rap battles on MySpace. Vibe Verses are serial contests pitting amateur rappers. [mashable]

*50 Cent says Eminem is touring less in order to be a good dad. [parent dish]

*For your live bootleg needs: The Ultimate Bootleg Experience blog. [mefi]