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Video: The Amy Winehouse Celebrity Rehab Remix


Video: The True Origin of Hip-Hop

I am a little afraid of this whole thing.


Links for 11.20.07: Print-only blogs, Net Neutrality, blue country +

*I love the idea of print-only blogs, and have often considered leafletting the neighborhood.

*The Future of Music Coalition blog details where a number of presidential candidates stand on the issue of Net Neutrality.

*Some country-loving Democrats, in the form of a group called the Music Row Democrats, are trying to reclaim country music from the so-called redneck contingent. [daily swarm]

*Saigon is pissed. And like any badass, he takes his beef to his MySpace page. [getty images]

*Do you want to know more about the Soulja Boy phenomenon? Personally, I can’t get enough. And I am not even being facetious, effers. []

*MySpace is dipping into free, ad-supported music. [paid content] In other ad-supported music news, No Rock and Roll No Fun revisits the case of ad-supported music’s perpetual whipping boy, SpiralFrog.

*TuneCore helps regular peoples sell music videos via iTunes. [listening post]

*Want to watch Jonathan Coulton perform Portal’s “Still Alive”? There is cake involved, if that helps. [waxy]

*As noted by everyone with a Twitter account and a non-microblog, Twitter was on CSI the other night. Video via kottke.

*Did I just cite Waxy, then Kottke? Fuck, I am seriously losing it.

*Amazon’s Kindle = the Zune of reading?

*Schools continue to move against rogue freak dancers. [ypulse]

*John Mayer: “I’m kind of a douchebag.” [vulture]