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Video: David Hasselhoff vs. Boards of Canada

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Video: Joy Division’s Control mashup


Video: The Rudy G. Rap

Almost Fergalicious.

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Video: Junkestra is music played by junk


Video: A music animation machine playing video game themes


Links for 11.23.07: Bono’s goodbye, Beyonce’s yeehaw, my martinis +

*If you are in the mood to see an eBook reader unboxed. Firstly, of course, you would have to be the type who enjoys unboxings.

*The lazy effers at Freakonomics (whom I sort of despise) do a Q&A thing with digi-musician Jonathan Coulton (whom I do not despise). [via coolfer, whom I go back and forth on]

*Kotaku does a longer piece on the dudes behind Rock Band.

*On beards: BuzzFeed nabs Beard Caps. Touche, mfers.

*Taser parties: they’re the new sex toy parties. Eat it, BuzzFeed. [neatorama]

*If you would like to see Charlie Sheen using an iPhone upside-down.

*Rolling Stone offers up some Radiohead conspiracy theories. [fimoculous]

*Localish: Peefork interviews Ellen Page about the Juno soundtrack.

*It was No Music Day two days ago. Go about your business. This seems obvious.

*Guitar Hero helps sell music (The Strokes, Slipknot).

*Is Beyonce going country?

*Death by Booze: I prefer to think of it as *15* dry martinis would make me stronger. [clusterflock]

*I may have said this before, but Make Bono History. I’m begging. [triumph of bullshit]