Links for 11.25.07: Kid Rock’s hair, Marley posters, Hannah Montana movie +

*The Washington Post details five ways to share music without getting sued (, Lala, etc.). []

*Off again: Rob Walker’s NY Times Consumed column on the Guitar Hero effect. On again: ipod hoodies. [murketing]

*The SF Gate claims that iPod ads are the new MTV. [techmeme]

*Hannah Montana is headed to the silver screen. Tickets will cost $700 apiece. Also, she is not pregnant. [parentdish]

*BREAKING: Kid Rock has made a promise to cut his long hair! [fark/music]

*The top ten most cliche college dorm posters list includes two musical offenses (Abber Road + Marley). [reddit]

*Local: The Minneapoline is in the Final Four of Street Clash, a street fashion blog competition. They post a lot of pictures of people wearing neon. [mediation]